Contract Scaffolding Midlands Limited employee a highly experienced team of CITB, CISRS registered scaffolding professionals who have worked on a wide variety of commercial and domestic scaffolding projects amassing over 40 years’ worth of highly relevant experience


All forms of independent scaffold erected including to local authority standards & terms & conditions. An independent scaffold consists of a double row of standards, with each row parallel to the building. The inner row is set as close to the building as is practicable. The distance between the lines of standards should be the minimum necessary to accommodate the required number of boards and toe boards.

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We are able to supply all types of protection including
A type barrier frame off roofs
B type single standard rakered or tied back to building
C type independent framed base with extended single standard, rakered back or tied for a more rigid structure
D type drilled tie bolts mainly used for the multi storey type buildings. Also where ground support is impracticable or where there are security issues.

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The birdcage scaffold, also known as the independent, is one of the simpler and more common forms of scaffolding you will find on a typical UK building site. Consisting of two rows or more of standards or vertical poles, the birdcage scaffold is usually connected by using horizontal pieces as well as ledgers and transoms. Birdcage scaffolds are intended for use on single story levels only, and often used by trade’s people when working on a ceiling. As the name might suggest birdcage scaffolds are almost always fully enclosed so that trades people working on them are protected from falls thanks to the scaffold’s cage like structure. Birdcage scaffolds can reach heights of more than sixty feet.

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The scaffolds are usually erected with our aluminium systems. Or we can hire in HAKI stair system Ideal for use on all types of construction

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We offer a fully comprehensive design and calculation services for any type of scaffolding structures including temporary roofs, stairs, independent, cantilevered drop lifts, support scaffolds, crash decks, bridges and shores. Practically any structure that is outside of the current guidelines TG20:13 BS.EN 12811 Volume One Basic Scaffolds.

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We also offer a supply of standard pre-formed rubbish chutes complete with Y sections. We can erect the more ridged type of conventional tubular chute suitable for the larger type of debris removal from various heights and projects.

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Scaffold coverings include debris netting. Debris Netting for Scaffold is mainly used on sites for the protection of personnel, traffic and property

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We hold a large amount of Heras fencing panels available for hire. We also are able to offer an erection service should this be required As the name suggests is a free standing, self-supporting fence panel, the panels are held together with couplers that interlock panels together making it portable and flexible for a wide range of applications.

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These structures are mostly constructed by the use of the Ubix lightweight system. We offer a complete service of support frame and roof cover.

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